MDS Drying System

Microwave Gas HeatersMDS series system is unique high-performance drying system manufactured by SYNOTHERM. The design can be tunnel- or room-type that realizes rapid (up to 50 times faster than conventional drying), crack-free, non-collapsed of materials during drying, also achieves low temperature and deep drying. It is widely used in drying or low-temperature treatment of mineral raw materials, chemical raw materials, ceramic products/raw materials, refractory products/raw materials, paper, timber, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical, agricultural products, etc. MDS series drying system can be tailor-made based on the characteristics and requirements of process materials to meet customers’ needs.

Power Supply
3-phase-4-line, 380V, 50Hz
Microwave Frequency
2450 ± 25MHz
Control System
Moisture Extraction Rate
≈ 1.0kg H2O/kWh
Water at pressure > 0.15MPa