high temperature microwave laboratory system HAMiLab-CIntroducing our 3G high temperature chamber furnace, HAMiLab-C. HAMiLab-C is a sophisticated upgrade to traditional muffle furnaces, with the high level of accuracy, control, and speed that are customary in SynoTherm Systems. Drying, binder burn-out, synthesis and sintering of powder and solid materials, metals, and glass can be completed in this system in a 3-4 hour period. HAMiLab-C was designed to increase the productivity of solid state laboratories from one set of samples to 3-4 sets of samples per day, without having to continuously run the system during periods of inactivity.

Microwave Frequency2450MHz
Input Power 380V±10%, 3Φ, 50Hz, 4A
Output Power1.5/4kW (optional) Variable
Precision of Power Control<±2%
Safety Protectionanode over voltage, anode over current, anode under current, anode power surpass, electromagnet watchdog, magnetron temperature, cavity temperature, external interlock.
Effective Volume150mm(D)X140mm(W)X140mm(H)
Temperature MeasuringIR pyrometer
Chamber Insulation Materialceramic fiber
Temperature Control40sections, PLC
Precision of Temperature Control0.5%±1℃
Temperature Control Display & Inputdigital liquid crystal touch-pad