high temperature microwave laboratory system HAMiLab-HVThe high-vacuum, high-temperature microwave research furnace is typically used for synthesis or sintering of magnetic materials, ceramics, metal powders and products up to 1600°C. Materials may be processed in a vacuum below 0.001 Pa, in nitrogen or in inert gases.

Overall Size (mm)800×800×1800 (W×D×H)
Cavity Size (mm)Φ500×560
Effective Heating Zone (mm)Φ120×120
Maximum Temperature1600℃
Temperature MeasuringIR Sensor, 450-2250℃ (Raytek)
Precision of Temperature Control0.3%±1℃
Microwave Frequency2450MHz
Maximum Output Power3kW6kW
Precision of Power Control<±2%
Limit Vacuum Degree≤0.001Pa
Atmosphere Control2 channels (optional)
CoolingWater, 2m3/h
Occupied Area2m2