high temperature microwave laboratory system HAMiLab-T

HAMiLab-T; our 2nd generation Laptop controlled high temperature tubular microwave laboratory system stands alone on the market as the only standard, high-temperature, tubular microwave system.

The system receives continuous feed-back from a high precision optical pyrometer and automatically adjusts the energy delivered to the sample to heat loads at a programmed rate. HAMiLab-T’s heating chamber is a double walled, stainless steel, water cooled tubular cavity that stays cool to touch, even when processing samples up to 1600 C. Inside the chamber is a high purity quartz crystal cylinder where samples are load during processing. Energy is delivered to samples by direct energy transfer from a precision micro head capable of delivering 3 kW of microwave energy directly to samples, heating them to temperatures above 1600 C. HAMiLab-T is also equipped with an atmosphere control system designed to control the processing environment of air sensitive samples, or to allow for fast removal of gaseous byproducts during drying and de-lubing, or solid-solid and solid-gas reactions. Sintering, synthesis, drying, and heat-treatment processes are completed in 1-100 to 1-10 of the time, and yield end products of the highest quality, meeting and exceeding the properties of samples processed by any traditional technique.

The secret is out: SynoTherm, the new flame in heating technology!

Overall Size (mm)780×1300×1600(W×L×H)
Chamber Size (mm)Φ350×420
Size of Quartz Tube (mm)Φ170×180×680
Effective Heating Zone (mm)100×100×90 (W×L×H)
Maximum Temperature1400℃
Temperature MeasuringIR Sensor, 600-1600℃ (Optris)
Temp. Controlautomatic control
Precision of Temperature Control0.1%±1℃
Microwave Frequency2450MHz
Maximum Output Power0.3-3.0kW variable
Power Controlprogrammable, digital input
Control PanelPC monitor display, reflect power display, program control, voltage, current, temperature & power profile.
Protection and SafetyAnode over voltage, anode over current, anode power surpass, electromagnet watchdog, magnetron temperature, cabinet temperature, external interlock.
Cooling SystemWater, 0.6 m3/h
Total Area2m2