high temperature microwave laboratory system

HAMiLab-V is our 3rd generation high temperature microwave laboratory system. It's eloquent and sophisticated design accents this system's advanced state-of-the-art technology. It is composed of 4 sub-systems that are integrated to create a truly hands-off experience of processing materials and metals, chemical and biological samples. The only standard in manufactured high-temperature, high-power research furnaces, HAMiLab-V is composed of a double-layer, water-cooled, vacuum sealed, stainless steel heating chamber that is attached to vacuum and gas-infiltration systems that provides a highly controlled environment for processing samples. Energy is delivered to the sample loads by direct energy transfer from a high precision micro head, capable of delivering up to 6 kW of microwave power to heat samples to temperatures only limited by the state-of-the-art in insulation materials. This amount of energy delivered at the high efficiency inherent in microwave processing easily heats samples to temperatures above 1600 C in minutes, not hours. And our energy delivery systems are made, assembled and individually tested with care, and have unrivalled durability. They are rated for 5,000 hours of operation.

HAMiLab's control system is equally as sophisticated, giving users complete control over all operational parameters. Samples are heated and cooled on a precise heating schedule that is programmed and stored into the system with a touch of button on the liquid crystal touch display. Each system comes standard with a high-precision optical pyrometer for accurate temperature measurement over a broad range of temperatures up to 3000 C. Metals, technical ceramics, glasses, PM parts, virtually any system that is studied in a laboratory can be processed in the HAMiLab-V to yield end-products of the finest quality.

Overall Size (mm)800×800×1800 (W×D×H)
Cavity Size (mm)Φ500×560
Effective Heating Zone (mm)Φ380×250
Temp. MeasurementRaytek IR pyrometer 450-2250℃
Temp. Control SystemPLC automatic control 0.3%±1℃
Microwave Frequency2450MHz
Maximum Output Power3kW6kW
Power Control System<±2%
Max. Vacuum Pressure<10Pa
Atmosphere Control2 channels (optional)
Cooling SystemWater, 2m3/h
Total Area2m2