high temperature microwave laboratory system HAMiLab-V1500HAMiLab-V1500 has the control and precision of our V series systems in a tabletop design that can fit into any laboratory. It has advanced temperature and atmosphere control, and may be operated in both automatic and manual mode. Virtually any class of materials can be processed up to 1600°C at a heating rate above 50 degrees per minute. Cooling is also accellerated in HAMiLab-V1500 using an exhaust system that reaches down into the heating chamber to extract heat directly from the sample. In a day, HAMiLab-V1500 can process multiple sets of samples at different temperatures , as opposed to conventional muffle furnaces that require extended periods for preheating and thermal transfer. HAMiLab-V1500 uses recent advances in high temperature microwave technology to increase the productivity of any research or industrial laboratory. Let it work for you.

Overall Size (mm)750×740×665(mm) (W×D×H)
Cavity Size (mm)140×150×110(mm)
Temp. Measurement250-1650℃
Temp. Control SystemPLC automatic control 0.3%±1℃
Microwave Frequency2450MHz
Maximum Output Power1.5kW
Power Control System<±2%
Max. Vacuum Pressure<10Pa
Atmosphere Control2 channels (optional)
Cooling SystemWater, 0.6 m3/h
Total Area0.6m2