SYNOTHERM Tubular System installed in Singapore

The 13th China National Conference on Microwave Power Application

DAWNYX TECHNOLOGY has finished the installation and adjustment of a HAMiLab-T3 microwave sintering system at the Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, Singapore. The system was sold by DAWNYX TECHNOLOGY SDN. BHD, Malaysia- the exclusive distribution company of SYNOTHERM in the area of South-East Asia. The system will mainly be used for research on high-temperature processing of Silicon wafers.

The HAMiLab-T3 system is the second generation Laptop controlled high temperature tubular microwave laboratory system stands alone on the market as the only standard, high-temperature, tubular microwave system, and is a model for state-of-the-art microwave systems capable of delivering high energy density to samples with high precision and high efficiency. The system is typically used for sintering/synthesis of inorganic materials, sintering of metal materials, drying, annealing, binder burn-out, digestion, etc. Samples can be processed in a controlled atmosphere, such as inert or reaction gases.