A fruitful trip to USA - First AMPS successfully installed in Alfred University

SYNOTHERM engineers Mr. Xia Guangbin, Dr. Yang Zhengxin, and Mr. Hu Chaoqiu returned China yesterday, after finished installation of the first Automated Microwave Pusher System (AMPS) in NanoMaterial Innovation Center, Alfred University, USA.

Jon M. Wilder, the president in NanoMaterial Innovation Center, and executive director in Alfred Technologies Resources, Inc, sent their sincere thanks for SYNOTEHRM engineers:

"Please accept our sincere expression of appreciation and thanks for the hard work, long hours and dedication you provided during installation of the Microwave Tunnel Kiln. The project was conducted in a timely and very professional manner. The spirit of partnership and team effort evidenced between Spheric Technologies, Synotherm Corporation and Alfred Technology Resources is a credit to the staff of all our companies and was a very positive experience. We look forward to providing our customers with the opportunity to use this equipment.

Also thank you for allowing us to get to know you and learn some of the customs of your country and for your interest in learning about us and our customs. The world has become a bit smaller for us now than it was before. My staff and I hope you have enjoyed your stay and wish you a safe return to your homeland."

"We could go from 'cold' to 'cold' in 5 hours vs. 24 hours in a conventional kiln", the research scientist Gary Del Regno at Alfred University said, after witnessing the successful sintering of ceramics in the continuous microwave system.

Spheric Technologies, Inc, the exclusive agent of SYNOTERM in the north and south America, is also excited about the results, and they are looking forward to sharing the advanced equipment and technology to their customers.